In this future-Criterion Collection web series, cousins Duane and Glen work for their Uncle Jerry’s airport shuttle service, DRIVING ARIZONA.

If you’ve called Driving Arizona, and Duane and Glen show up at your door, you’re in for a real treat – odds are you won’t make your flight. Basically it’s a miracle every time they even make it to the airport. Sure, repeat business is slim, but Phoenix is a big market. As Uncle Jerry likes to say, “First Phoenix, then Tucson, then Flagstaff, then the world!”

Driving Arizona was created by Dylan Tanous and Joe Ahern. Ahern and Tanous produce this series in Los Angeles. Which is a secret. Because the show takes place in Arizona. So please be discreet.

Dylan Tanous // Co-Creator // Executive Producer

Dylan is a writer and a one-time featured extra in an online underwear commercial. He grew up in Carmel, California, but regrets to inform you that he doesn't know Clint Eastwood. When he’s not working on Driving Arizona, Dylan has been lucky enough to write two episodes of Last Man Standing starring Tim Allen. And although they've worked on the same set for the last three years, he doesn't know Tim Allen either. But whatever. They're both busy guys.

Joe Ahern // Co-Creator // Executive Producer // Glen

Joe is an asthmatic writer/director/actor who currently works as Greg Garcia’s assistant.  Last season Joe co-starred in two episodes of The Millers and co-wrote the season finale.  He has written, directed, and acted in several short films, many of which have gone on to play at film festivals across the country.  One of those, The Armadillo, won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film at the 2014 Charleston International Film Festival.  His food pyramid is pizza, ya know... because a slice is shaped like a pyramid.

Dan Riddle // Director

Dan Riddle is currently an Editor on ABC’s Downward Dog which is ABC’s first comedy to be accepted by Sundance in 2017. Dan has worked as Editor on hit shows such as Raising Hope, Scream: The TV Series, and the Emmy Award winning, My Name is Earl. Dan's directorial career includes the award winning series Driving Arizona and two independent feature films: the dramatic comedy Technically Crazy and the sci-fi thriller The Last Possession. Growing up in Texas, his two older brothers convinced Dan's dad that he was old enough to see An American Werewolf in London.  He was not. Thus began his twisted love for horror and comedy.


Anthony Pucillo // Co-Writer of "Pilot" Webisode

Anthony is an Italian-American living in Los Angeles.  He's also a writer and an all around good human being.  Here is a picture of him taken in a Target dressing room by a Target employee. We wish we could give you more information about him, but he stopped answering our calls.